Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

Based on the hit children's television series The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, this film has the teenage superheroes doing battle with the other-worldly villainess Divatox (Hilary Shepard Turner). She is the wife of an evil lord named Maligore who is...

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Power Rangers Power Rangers Sword Cycle Vehicle with Action Fi


Put your Power Rangers Sword Cycle Vehicle and Light Ranger action figure in motion to race to anywhere evil lurks in style! The Samurai inspired translucent swords on the Cycle can detach. Collect the 4 inch Rangers and attach swords onto the hands....

Abracadabrazoo Pack of 20 Black Foam Superhero mask super hero


Set of 20 affordable, great quality, durable, comfortable foam & elastic superhero masks. Perfect lasting low price party favors. Size fits most kids 3-8. Year round fun - not just Halloween. Dress up as Batman, Spiderman, Zorro, Power Rangers or...



Figure has unique action to morph into new Armor! Squeeze Rangers legs to unveil cool feature! Morph Armor from Mega Mode to Super Mega Mode with a flick of a button.

Power Rangers Sticker Strips (8 Pack)


Have fun sticking with the Power Rangers in all your adventures when you add these Power Rangers Sticker Strips to your party favors! (8 strips per pack)